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Formerly teacher/Director of Recreational/Art Therapy for developmentally disabled and at risk children, I started my artistic journey in 1995 when I decided to follow my dream by returning to college to study fine art. This new direction started at the University of New Hampshire where I experimented with various clays and glazes to create a variety of art forms as I worked to determine my artistic direction.
In 1997 a tremendous opportunity was offered when my husband Perry was transferred to Europe. Over the next two years Perry, Buster (golden retriever) and myself traveled throughout Europe. This gave me the opportunity to experience some of the world's greatest art and I also spent two years under the tutelage of Dutch professor Gerlach Baas. The European experience along with my previous studies ignited a passion to create something that would be considered fine art.
A breakthrough occurred while visiting the Stockholm museum, where I discovered the Rorstrand Porcelain Collection. It was this collection that truly showed me that pieces done in clay were not just craft, but could truly become fine art. Deeply inspired, I knew the direction I would take my clay.
Returning from Stockholm I immediately set to work with a new vigor and by the time I returned to the states I had created over 20 vases (clay and porcelain). Each one designed to capture the essence of sculptured floral. My experience in Stockholm had enabled me to create not just beautiful vases but three-dimensional objects of fine art beauty.

Once back home I returned to University of New Hampshire to continue my studies. It was during this period I met sculptor Anne Spillane Moher who soon became my mentor. To this day I still credit Anne with helping me add that special spirit my pieces capture. From New Hampshire our family once again was on the move, this time to Arizona where we settled in the Scottsdale area. Once again this was a fortunate move as it gave me the opportunity to enroll at the Scottsdale Artists School. Over the next 4 years I attended as many classes as possible, with many of them taught by recognized artists such as Richard Loefler, Eugene Dawbs, Jerry Cox, Sandy Scott, Kathleen Friedenberg, Susan Hennington, Geral Balcier, and Lincoln Fox. The knowledge and experiences gained from this environment helped me to further develop my own style and technique.
Not being satisfied with attending a single art school, I also attended classes with David Turner, Walt Horton and Lincoln Fox at the Loveland Academy in Colorado. And even after participating in all these classes over the many years I was still not satisfied. So to complete the sculpting experience I spent two years in foundry classes at the Scottsdale Community College in Arizona. This last experience gave me the opportunity and knowledge to take an idea all the way from inspiration to completed bronze, with me doing 100% of the work. This gave me a strong appreciation in the hard work, skill and techniques required in the foundry.
With this experience I was able to take the clay/porcelain vases I had created while in Europe and move them forward into Bronze.

After completing the long series of foundry classes I was now ready to go from wax to bronze on my own, the first new piece was a vase titled "Flow". "Flow", "Flow II" and "Flow III" are now all juried pieces. My first piece from the European Collection to make the transition from clay to bronze is called "Bloom". Bloom was recently juried in the Coeur d' Alene, Idaho ĎArt On the Green' show. In addition Bloom was exhibited at the Hidden in Hills Art show in Carefree, AZ in 2004. Bloom is now cast in leaded crystal and is called "Bloom On Ice" and is exquisite.
"The Rose" was the was the first one of a kind, created in wax with 18 baby roses embedded in the wax and then poured into bronze. The "The Rose" was juried into the 2006 Art on the Green and purchased the first morning of the show and is now on 5th Avenue in NYC. A series of floral designs based on the original "Rose" are here now and are called the La Bella Collection. La Bella Rosa (Juried/Blue Ribbon), La Bella Savannah and La Bella Maria are all created one of a kind and have long stem roses embedded in the sculpture. Upon completing the floral collection my plans is to take my complete European Collection of vases from clay to bronze.

I have now in 2007 taken the clay & bronze to another level. I have recreated Bloom in leaded crystal "Bloom On Ice" and the La Bella Series has been recreated in a one of a kind leaded crystal "La Bella On Ice" . La Bella, like the first four La Bella's has long stem roses embedded in wax but is cast in leaded crystal. This is my newest attempt in trying to capture the old world elegance in my fine art pieces. .

While living in Europe my husband and I had the opportunity to visit South Africa, where I was inspired by the abundance and variety of wildlife. Given this opportunity I spent many days observing animals in their native habitats, as well studying the local safari and African Art. Struck by the wild beauty of the place and it's inhabitants, I decided to embark on my own safari to capture the true essence of these magnificent creatures in clay and then in bronze.
Mentored by Canadian Sculptor Richard Loefler and New England Sculptor Anne Spillane Maher, I grew an intense love of these amazing creatures and strove to portray them with as much realism as possible. This pursuit led from the plains of South Africa, to many zoos where she was welcomed by the staff to interact and study the animal's anatomy and habits for over several years. During this time of discovery, I was fortunate to meet and interact with the white rhino, Ketla,. With the blessing and support from the zoo staff I was allowed into the enclosure with Ketla, allowing me to capture the animal's spirit in my sculpture of him. This experience brought me a deep understanding of the animals which I always try to demonstrate in my work. I hope to be noted for realism in my various animal sculptures, I also try to capture a lightness and sense of humor which are not limited to the human race. I hopes these traits are enjoyable and touch the hearts of all who experience my work.
During 2009 I had the pleasure and opportunity to attend my good friend Ken Rowe's first sculpture class in Sedona, AZ. I came away inspired by this great man and hope that my new peices I create will show this inspiration. I feel so privilaged to call him my friend and teacher. He is trully one of the greatest sculptor I have ever meant.
During the winter of 2011 we have relocated to Florida. I am presently at the Brevard Zoo sculpting thier magnificant giraffes. Will update as soon as we get settled.
March 2012 - Finally settled and found a new gallery to exhibit my sculptures. They will be at the beautiful fine art Art Gallery of Viera here in Florida. I am so excited to be part of this wonderful gallery and look forward to seeing you there. Their website is www.artgalleryofviera.com


- American Artists Professional League, New York, NY
- Sonoran Art League, Cave Creek, AZ
- Citizens Council of Arts, Coeur d'Alene, ID
- Signature Member of the Worldwide Nature Artists Group
- Artists For Conservation Signature Member


Hidden in The Hills Art Show, Carefree, AZ (Juried)
Art on the Green, Coeur d'Alene, ID 2005 & (Juried)
60th Annual Pen &Brush Sculpture Exhibition, New York, NY{Juried}
The Gallery at Hawthorne, Loveland, KS)
Story Woods Gallery, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
Scottsdale Artist School, "The Best & The Brightest" Juried
Fine Art Show Oct 16-Nov17
Painter's Chair Fine Art Gallery, CDA, Idaho (2007 - Dec.
Art Gallery of Viera, 2261 Town Center Ave. Viera, Fl
RC Sculpturing Art Studio in my home by appointment.


Bloom 2005 Art on the Green CDA, ID
Flow 2004 Hidden in the Hills, Carefree, AZ
Flow III 2006 Pen & Brush, New York, NY
The Rose 2006 Art on the Green, CDA, ID
Flow II 2006 Art on the Green, CDA, ID
La Bella Rosa 2007 Art on the Green, CDA, ID (Blue Ribbon)
Twitterpated 2007 Art on the Green, CDA, ID
Twitterpated 2007 Scottsdale Artist School, "The Best & The
Brightest" Juried Fine Art Show Arizona
Flow V 2008 Art on the Green, CDA, ID
La Bella Savannah 2008 Art on the Green, CDA, ID

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Special Achievements:
  • 2016 - Scholarship Scottsdale Artists School
    Won Scholarship at Scottsdale Artists School for Vala Ola scuplture class.


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