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Peta BoycePeta Boyce   AFC, SAA Peta Boyce
A childhood spent in Papua New Guinea and a lifelong love of wildlife were the twin catalysts for Peta's commitment to her art. Peta currently lives on Queensland's Sunshine Coast on a small acreage in Mooloolah Valley. For many years she has acted as a wildlife foster carer; caring for injured, orphaned and sick native marsupials and birds.

Peta's love of caring for some of the smaller species of birds is also reflected in her art. A self-taught artist, working mainly in gouache, her paintings of wrens, finches, robins and the smaller honeyeaters are extremely popular and her work is in private collections both in Australia and overseas.

After a successful joint exhibition with fellow wildlife artist, Lyn Ellison, the two collaborated to co-author and illustrate the book "Wild About You - Friends With Feathers." The book is a collection of short stories about some of the wild birds the artists had cared for.

In 2005 Peta was fortunate enough to travel to Namibia with Lyn and her husband horticulturist Don Ellison and cultural artist Judy Scotchford. They hired a car and spent three weeks travelling, amassing an enormous amount of reference material between them. In 2007 Peta travelled again to Africa. This time to Tanzania. It is from these trips that Peta has started painting African mammals and larger birds, as well as the smaller birds that she still enjoys painting so much.

Passionate about Australian Native flora and fauna, Peta will take any opportunity to educate and inform others of the beauty in Australia and has spent many hours at the local school talking with the children. A keen gardener, she has planted most of the acreage that she lives on with Australian native plants. Many of the plants are endemic to the area in an attempt to "bring back the wildlife". At present there are two pairs of rainbow lorikeets nesting in the boxes supplied for them, a family of ringtail possums live permanently in the trees by the house and a Satin Bowerbird has built a bower, decorating it with an assortment of blue and green objects. Each morning he also adds some fresh flowers that he has picked from in the garden. You can see some photos of the bower and bower bird on this site if you go to 'Studio'.

Support for Conservation:
For many years Peta acted as a foster carer for injured and orphaned native Australian birds and marsupials and was a member of a local wildlife carer's group, Wilvos.
Peta is a member of the Mooloolah Rivers Waterwatch and Landcare Inc. and has donated framed, limited edition giclee prints for fundraising. She has also donated framed prints to other Landcare organizations and selected conservation groups.
Peta is also a member of Birds Austalia (RAOU) and donates a percentage of sales from many of her paintings to this organization.
In 2009 Peta fostered an orphaned baby elephant from the David Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage in Kenya.

Special Achievements:
  • 2012 - Best in Show
    International Nature in Art - QWASI
  • 2012 - Best Bird
    International Nature in Art - QWASI
  • 2012 - Art of Conservation
    One painting accepted in the Real Exhibition to be held at Grouse Mt Resort, Vancouver and one painting accepted in the Virtual Exhibition.
  • 2012 - Society of Animal Artists 52nd Anniversary Exhibition
    Exhibition held at Hiram Blauvelt Art Museum, N.J.
  • 2012 - Leigh Yawkey Woodson Birds in Art

  • 2012 - Wild Awards - Gold winner
    Wildlife Art Society of Australasia, Steps Gallery, Boxhill, Victoria
  • 2012 - Caldera Art Awards - 2nd Prize
    Caldera Art Awards The Centre, Beaudesert
  • 2011 - Society of Animal Artists 51st Anniversary Exhibition

  • 2011 - Art of Conservation
    Grouse Mt Resort, Vancouver, Canada

  • 2010 - 1st Prize - Australian Native Wildlife
    Maleny Art Exhibition
  • 2010 - Society of Animal Artists 50th Anniversary Exhibition
    Exhibition held at San Diego Natural History Museum
  • 2009 - 3rd Prize - Australian Native Wildlife
    Maleny Art Exhibition
  • 2009 - Art of Conservation
    Two paintings accepted into the AFC Art of Conservation Annual Exhibition held at the Hiram Blauvelt Art Museum.
  • 2009 - Nature in Art - QWASI
    People's Choice Award
  • Birds of Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve (2012)
    Photos of some of the birds found in the reserve. - A booklet on the birds of the Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve. Beautiful photographs and concise text, this book fulfils the need for information on the birds found in this small island of rainforest habitat in the hinterland of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia. Recommended to anyone wanting to learn more about our wonderful birdlife.
    Author: P.Bender, G.Chapman, G.Czechura, L.Hall, D.Nicholls & R.Sharp
    Published by: Mary Cairncross Scenic Rerserve Management Committe
  • Peta Boyce - How Did You Paint That (2006)
    More about Peta Boyce - How Did You Paint That
     - An article explaining the process of painting a piece of work from beginning (inspiration) to the completion of the painting.
    Author: Peta Boyce
    Published by: Australian Artist Magazine
  • Wildlife Artist - Peta Boyce (2006)
    More about Wildlife Artist - Peta Boyce
     - The article was first prize for "Best Bird" painting from the QWASI International Exhibition held in 2005.
    Author: Denis Boyce
    Published by: Australian Birdkeeper Publications
  • Wild About You - Friends With Feathers (2000)
    Co-author and illustrator. - A collection of short stories about some of the birds that Lyn and Peta had cared for. The book is hard-cover and beautifully illustrated - 80 pages. Suitable for older children and adults.
    Author: Peta Boyce & Lyn Ellison
    Published by: Magpie Art Prints
  • Wild About You - Lucky Chance (2000)
    Assistant - The story of Lucky the Wallaroo raised as an orphan in Lyn's home. The story is lovingly told with delightful illustrations depicting Lucky's life in the Ellison household. This book suits any age group, particularly older children and adults.
    Author: Lyn Ellison
    Published by: Magpie Art Prints
Organization Membership:
  • 2010 - Society of Animal Artists

  • 2008 - Mooloolah River Waterwatch & Landcare Inc.
    An active conservation group in the Mooloolah Catchment area of the Sunshine Coast, Qld.
  • 1994 - Queensland Wildlife Artists Scoiety Inc.

  • Nature in the Raw
    A group of Nature Artists promoting Australian Flora and Fauna


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Peta Boyce
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Mooloolah, Queensland
Australia 4553
Tel: 07/54947328
  Artists for Conservation Group
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Home Page: http://www.birdingart.com
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