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Maya RamaswamyMaya Ramaswamy
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Wildlife of the Indian SubcontinentMaya Ramaswamy
The Indian subcontinent is blessed with an incredibly rich natural heritage and bio-diversity. I have been mesmerised by the power, beauty and grace of mother nature all my life. Watching wild animals in their natural habitat is my passion, and I wish to capture at least a fraction of that awesome beauty in my artwork.
I find observation is very important for accurate drawing. I sketch from nature whenever possible. Sometimes, for precision in details of a hind leg, or a wing or horn, I refer to photographs and books.
Recently, I have been illustrating several books on Indian wildlife. Many urban people in India have not seen wild animals aside of visits to the zoo. As an illustrator, I learn intimately the stories from the world of wildlife, of turtles, or hornbills, or grasslands or frogs. Some publishers also bring out Indian language editions of these books, so people in rural areas can learn more about the rich bio diversity they see.

Support for Conservation:
Maya Ramaswamy's illustrations are used in conservation education material ranging from Field Guides and Posters to Childrens' Books and Eco Learning Books.

  • A King Cobra's Summer (2011)
    More about A King Cobra's Summer
    All Illustrations - The story of Kaala, a young King Cobra, who is caught and released in a far away place, and his adventures as he tries to find his way back home where he was born.
    Author: Janaki Lenin
    Published by: Pratham Books, India
  • Field Guide Mammals of Ladakh (2010)
    Illustrations for Six mammals of Ladakh: Wooly Hare, Cape Hare, Tibetan Wolf, Silver Mountain Vole, Stolik. Vole, and Large Eared Pika. - This bi-lingual (English and Ladakhi) book is meant for young conservationists and naturalists of Ladakh.
    Author: Tahir Shawl, Jigmet Takpa, Phuntsog Tashi, Yamini Panchaksharam.
    Published by: WWF-India, Dept. of Wildlife Protection, Govt. of J&K, India.
  • Walk the Grasslands with Takuri (2010)
    More about Walk the Grasslands with Takuri
    All illustrations - A lovely grassland landscape with the story centering around Takuri, an endangered pygmy hog..written by Nandita Hazarika, of http://www.ecosystems-india.org
    Author: Nandita Hazarika and Nima Manjrekar
    Published by: Katha and WWF-India
  • Exploring the Himalayan Environment-A Childrens' Workbook (2009)
    More about Exploring the Himalayan Environment-A Childrens' Workbook
    All Illustrations - A unique workbook designed exclusively for children living in the Himalayan landscape above treeline. It explores their relationship to their surroundings and encourages them to appreciate their connection to their environment.
    Author: Pranav Trivedi
    Published by: Nature Conservation Foundation and Snow Leopard Trust
  • Secrets of the Rainforest (2008)
    More about Secrets of the Rainforest
    All Illustrations - A Nature Activity Book for Children of age-group 8-12 years living in Arunachal Pradesh, India.
    Author: Vena Kapoor and Aparajita Datta
    Published by: Nature Conservation Foundation, Mysore, India
  • Turtle Story (2006)
    More about Turtle Story
    All Illustrations - A book on marine turtles
    Author: Kartik Shanker
    Published by: Pratham Books, Bangalore, India
  • A View from the Machan (2006)
    More about A View from the Machan
    All Illustrations - ISBN-81-7824-137-4
    Author: K. Ullas Karanth
    Published by: Copyright-Permanent Black, Delhi, India
  • A Guidebook to Nagarahole & Bandipur National Parks (2005)
    More about A Guidebook to Nagarahole & Bandipur National Parks
    All Illustrations - ISBN-1403-92505-4
    Author: Sarath C. R.
    Published by: Macmillan India Ltd.
  • Let's discover our Hornbills (2005)
    More about Let's discover our Hornbills
    Illustrations - Acoloring and Games book for small children.
    Author: Aparajita Datta and Nima Manjrekar
    Published by: Nature Conservation Foundation, Mysore, India
  • Nono the Snow Leopard 
    More about Nono the Snow Leopard
    All illustrations by Maya Ramaswamy - A novella set in the upper Himalaya, this is a beautiful story about a snow leopard, a biologist, a landscape and its people...
    Author: Pranav Trivedi
    Published by: Pratham Books


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