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Wildlife Paintings
Bo Lundwall was born in Hultsfred, Smaland Sweden in 1953. After many years of having a studio in Vallentuna on the outskirts of Stockholm, he has returned to his homeland. Hultsfred Manor is in the beautiful countryside and serves as his home, studio and gallery. His wife and two sons help make the Manor a Home.

Bo attended the Skane Art School in Malmo and the Anders Beckman School in Stockholm, both in Sweden. His media consists of oils and watercolors. Scandinavia's changing seasons and natural surroundings continually inspire him.

He has had many commissions with businesses and private individuals, which continue to appreciate his diverse talents. The impressive list of one-man exhibitions speaks for itself as well as numerous joint exhibitions both in Sweden and abroad.

Bo's innate bond with nature ultimately allows the viewer a glimpse at being at peace with whatever subject he chooses and its natural surroundings.

For more details please view my website.

Support for Conservation:
Swedish Society for Nature Conservation
Christmas card series 1988, 1993

Lions Club, Hultsfred, Sweden
Christmas card 1998 - 2010
Special Achievements:
  • 2004 - Culture Award

    Culture Award,
    The Regional Council in Kalmar County, Sweden

  • 2004 - Culture Award

    Culture Award,
    The Municipality of Hultsfred, Sweden

  • 2002 - National Board of Forestry/WWF

    Five Bird Posters

    1. Birds of prey
    2. Birds of prey
    3. Woodpeckers
    4. Tits
    5. Grouse

  • 1998 - Birds in Art

    Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum, 1988, 1991, 1998.
    World Traveling show 1989, 1999

    Wausau, Wisconsin USA

  • 1997 - Christie´s Wildlife Art
    Christie´s Wildlife Art Auction
    London, England

  • 1996 - Sweden Postal Stamps
    Four Originals for Wild Animals Stamps

    1. Beaver
    2. Hedgehog
    3. Otter
    4. Ermine

    FIRST DAY COVER Illustration

  • 1995 - Sweden Postal Stamps

    FIRST Prize - "Nordia 95"

    Class: "Stamp Designers and Engravers"

  • 1993 - Sweden Post Stamps
    Three Originals for Wild Animals Stamps

    1. Lynx
    2. Wolf
    3. Polecat

    FIRST DAY COVER Illustration

  • 1991 - ICA Publishing firm
    Four limited numbered lithographic prints:

    1. Redfox
    2. Squirrel
    3. Hedgehog
    4. Hare

    American Swedish Institut, Minneapolis, 2006
    Gallery Z, Odensbacken 2004
    Falsterbo art gallery, Falsterbo 2004
    Nortuna Wildlife art, Västerås 2004
    Gallery Nykvarn, Enköping 2004
    Art Fair Sollentuna 2003
    Kulbackens Museum, Västervik 2002
    Swedish Museum of Natural History, Stockholm 2002
    Tullgarn Castle 2002
    Oskarshamn Art Museum 2002
    Art Fair Sollentuna 2002
    Eisenstadt, Austria 1999
    Birds in Art, Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum, USA 1998
    Himmelsberga Museum, Öland 1998
    Nordic Wildlife Artists, Skansen, Stockholm 1996
    Stockholm Art Fair, Sollentuna mässan 1995
    Börstorps castle, Västergötland 1993
    Swedish American Museum of Chicago, USA 1992
    Wetlands, Tidö castle, Västerås 1991
    Birds in Art, Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum, USA 1991
    Owls, Stora museum, Falun 1990
    Easton Waterfowl Festival, Maryland, USA 1989
    Birds in Art, Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum, USA 1988
    Malmö Museum, Malmö 1973
    Southeast –73, Kalmar Artmuseum 1973

  • Scandinavian Mammals
    Bo Lundwall is now working with the illustrations for a book about Scandinavian Mammals.
    The work would be in progress during 2007 - 2009.
  • 1997 - HSB Farsta Strand

    Three Original oil paintings for Public Art

  • 1997 - LFV Group Swedish Airports and Air Navigation Services

    Fire Service and Rescue School
    Stockholm - Arlanda Airport

  • 1992 - House of Forest
    Skansen-Stockholm, Sweden

  • Möten med konstnärer (Meeting with Artists) (2002)
    In Sweden chosen for inclusion in book on contemporary artists. - Cilla Jahns personally meeting of 70 popular artists in Sweden.
    Author: Cilla Jahn
    Published by: Raster Förlag (Raster Publishers) Sweden
  • Wildlife Art (1999)
    Red Fox at the Village (Norrhult) - The book presents work of 124 artists from around the globe.
    Author: Alan Singer
    Published by: Rockport Publishers
  • Rum för skönhet (Room for beauty) (1998)
    Selected to contribute with a painting Goosander,oilpainting - HSB 75 - anniversary. HSB is a building contractor with a long tradition of public art in their projekt.
    Author: Cilla Jahn
    Published by: HSB Publishers, Sweden
  • The Best of Wildlife Art (1997)
    Tawny Owl  - 
    Author: Rachel Rubin Wolf
    Published by: North Light Books
  • Trollen: Deras liv, land och legender (Trolls: their life, country and legend) (1984)
    Illustrator  - A book about Trolls: their life, country and legend
    Author: Jan-öjvind Swahn
    Published by: Bonnier Fakta (Bonnier Publishers) Sweden
  • Books and Awards Webpage 
    More about Books and Awards Webpage
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Bo Lundwall
c/o Ateljé Bo Lundwall
Hjälmstigen 24 Hultsfreds Gård
Hultsfred, Småland
Sweden 57736
Tel: +46 495 10672
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  Artists for Conservation Group
Email: bo.lundwall@gmail.com
Home Page: http://www.bolundwall.com
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