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Raymond EastonRaymond J Easton   AFC Raymond Easton
Specializing in the birds of North America
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Raymond J. Easton has specialized in paintings of North American birds for nearly three decades. The love for his avian subjects comes from a lifetime of being a naturalist, as well as growing up in a small rural town, where he spent most of his time in the great outdoors. The genre of birds, he says, has carved a niche for him in the diverse depths of the fine art community, and his accolades are numerous. Raymond’s work has been labeled “world class” by experts in the field, and his paintings can be found in many private and corporate collections nationwide.
He measures the success of each piece through the delicate execution of what he calls his three most important elements - light, composition and anatomy, and his goal has always been to impact the viewer with his end result product.

Easton has been the featured artist at several juried exhibits throughout the Northeast and mid Atlantic states, and was named “New York State Wildlife Artist of the Year” on four different occasions. He was commissioned by the Department of Environmental Conservation to paint the 1997 New York State duck stamp, and similarly petitioned to design and paint the National Audubon Society’s “Wildlife Conservation Stamps”, where he has painted 20 different North American bird species.
Raymond J. Easton is a signature member of the Artists for Conservation Foundation, whose mission is to support wildlife and habitat conservation, biodiversity, sustainability and environmental education, through art that celebrates our natural heritage.


Support for Conservation:

A percentage of proceeds raised from the sale of selected works
will fund The Nature Conservancy in its worldwide efforts to protect and manage various ecosystems.

Ray has donated many works, both originals and limited edition reproductions to various conservation organizations throughout North America and abroad.
Special Achievements:
  • 2011 - 2011 National Audubon Society- Wildlife Conservation Stamps

  • 2010 - 2010 Audubon Wildlife Conservation Stamps
    Designed and painted the 2010 Audubon Wildlife Conservation Stamps. The five stamp sheet features five different bird species indigenous to the Northeastern United States.

  • 2009 - 2009 Audubon Wildlife Conservation Stamps
    Designed and painted the 2009 Audubon Wildlife Conservation Stamps. The five stamp sheet features five different bird species indigenous to the Northeastern United States.
  • 2009 - Featured Artist
    Geauga Park District - Nature Art's Festival
  • 2008 - Outstanding Festival Booth Display
    Geauga Parks District - Nature Arts Festival
  • 2008 - Best in Show
    South Bristol Cultural Center- "Art at the Barn Festival"
  • 2007 - People's Choice Award
    Art of Nature Show-
    Basking Ridge, NJ.
  • 2007 - Best in Show
    Art of Nature Show-
    Basking Ridge, NJ.
  • 2005 - Featured Artist
    High Falls Gallery - Rochester, NY.

  • 2005 - Executive Director's Award
    Exhibit Theme - "Things with Wings"
    Art Center at Old Forge
    Old Forge, NY.
  • 2004 - Featured Artist
    "Wings and Water"
    Stone Harbor, NJ.
  • 2004 - Featured Artist
    Geauga Park District - Nature Art's Festival
    Cleveland, OH.
  • 2003 - Outstanding Festival Booth Display
    Geauga Park District - Wildlife Carving and Nature Art Festival
  • 2003 - New York State "Wildlife Artist of the Year"
    Wildlife Art Exhibition - New York State Fairgrounds
  • 2001 - New York State "Wildlife Artist of the Year"
    Wildlife Art Exhibition - New York State Fairgrounds
  • 1999 - New York State "Wildlife Artist of the Year"
    Wildlife Art Exhibition - New York State Fairgrounds
  • 1997 - New York State Migratory Bird Stamp Program
    Commissioned by the NYS DEC to paint the 1997 Migratory Bird Stamp
  • 1996 - Featured Artist
    Northeastern Wildlife Artist Society
    "Exhibit at the Golden Lynx Gallery"
    Mendon, NY.
  • 1995 - New York State "Wildlife Artist of the Year"
    Wildlife Art Exhibition - New York State Fairgrounds
  • Mr. & Mrs. Justin
    "The Perilous Journey" -Pacific salmon
  • Pittsburgh Zoo
    24" x 36" acrylic on portrait canvas of "Chuckles" the Amazon river dolphin. "Chuckles" was a long time favorite at the zoo. The painting serves as a memorial. The original artwork was commissioned by Mr. and Mrs. Robert Fanelli
    whom then donated the piece to the zoo in late 2004. There was an official unveiling of the painting in early 2005.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Kuczmyunda
    "Before the Storm" - Mallards
    "Oklahoma Backwater" - Blue-winged teal
  • Mr. and Mrs. Sauter
    "Flowering quince" - Rose-breasted grosbeak
    American goldfinch,
    Ruddy duck,
    "Fire and ice" - Tufted titmouse
  • Mr. D Uslar
    "Autumn Amber" - Hooded mergansers
  • Mr. D Uslar
    "Morning Retreat" - Mallards
  • Mr. P Bagchi

  • Mr. W Otto

  • Mr. & Mrs. Justin
    "Unimpressed" - Mallards
  • Acu-Rite Companies inc.
    Facility is located in remote wooded area. Employees pride themselves in seeing wildlife a along their drive in. Commissioned by company to paint wild turkeys on the grounds with Facility in the background.
  • Mr. & Mrs. Grey
    "Perennial pastiche" - Eastern bluebird
    "American goldfinch"
    "Signs of spring" - American redstart
    "A glance in passing" - Ruby-throated hummingbird
  • Mr. & Mrs. DePaolis
    "First light" - American avocets
    Black-capped chickadee
  • Ms. S Miklos
    Pintail drake
  • Mr. & Mrs. Raptis
    Willow ptarmigan
    "Honeymoon suite" - American robins
  • Mr. and Mrs. Eidt
    "Vernal amber" - American goldfinch
  • Mr. and Mrs. Campbell
    House finch
    House finches
  • Mr. & Mrs. Sadowski
    "Through the Grapevine" - Black-capped chickadee
    Federal duck stamp entry - Pintail drake
  • Mr. and Mrs. Epstein
    "Peace of mind" - Tundra swans
    Canada geese
  • Mr. M Rayburn
    "Misty morning" - Green-winged teal
  • Mr. and Mrs. Corretore
    "Winter red" - Red fox
    "Me and the boys" - Wild turkeys
    "Phantom of the glades" - Great egret
    "Next generation" - Mallard ducklings
  • Mr. & Mrs. Syska
    Black-capped chickadee
  • Mr. & Mrs. Salomon
    "The king and his Lair" - Belted-kingfisher
    "Firewater Mallards" - Mallard pair
  • Ms. Impell
    "Indian summer" - American goldfinch
  • Mr. M Mckeon
    "White mountain phantom" - Snowy owl
  • Mr. L Luciano
    "Lessons" Common loons
  • B Saluja
    "Blue Morning" - Great blue heron
  • Ms. Kennedy
    Common Mergansers,
    "Crimson Ties"-Northern cardinals,
    Mallard ducklings
  • Ms. Hughes
    Eastern bluebird,
    House wren,
    Blue jay
  • Mr. E Wendorf
    "The Color Of April"- Blue jay - acrylic on claybord
  • Ms. J Cunningham
    A Patch of Blue" - Bald eagle - acrylic on canvas board
  • Ms. J Giesel
    "Barnstorm" - Barn swallow
    Acrylic on claybord
  • Mr. T Munding
    "Vernal Vermilion" - Baltimore oriole
  • Ms. Acquista
    "Calling Hours" American crow - acrylic on board
  • Ms. G South
    "Tidal bay" - American avocet
  • Mr. J Ott
    "The Road to Mordor" American crows
    "The Ravine" -American crow
    " Red Reign" - Red-tailed hawk
  • Mr. E Miller
    "Mother's Day" - American goldfinch
  • Mr. L Thieben
    "A mere sratch in the surface" Landscape-Grand Canyon
  • Mr. Hutchnison
    "December Jewel" - Bufflehead
  • Ms. Mastroianni
    "Boreal Phantom" - Snowy owl
  • Ms. P Braun
    "Silent Descent" - Red-tailed hawk
  • Mr. M. Gibson
    "The Sentinel" - Raven
  • Ms. P Walter
    "Break of day" - American avocets
    "Natural Order" - Black vultures
  • Mr. J Dulay
    "The Gloaming" - Redhead drake
    "Sparrow study" - House sparrows
  • Ms. C Moore
    "Frigid Morning Roost" - Mourning doves
    "Wading in silence" - Green-backed heron
  • Mr. K Brace
    "Fallen Wisdom" - Barred owl
    "Little Moment in Big Cyprus" - Green-backed heron
    "Murder at the Gate" - American crows
    "Sunlit Jewel" - Rose-breasted grosbeak
  • Ms. J O'Keefe
    "A Different Perspective" - White-breasted nuthatch
  • Mr. B Fanelli
    "Equatorial Blush" - Chilean Flamingo
    "The Haunt" - Snowy owl
  • Mr. T Maher
    Northern Cardinals
  • Ms. L Figaniak
    American Goldfinch
  • Ms. Sidorsky
    "From the eyes of the quarry" - Red-tailed hawk
  • Mr. J Paddenburg
    "Nutty Buddy" - Red-breasted nuthatch
  • Ms. M Perkins
    Tufted titmouse
  • Mr. and Mrs. Hamill
    "March Melody" - Winter wren
  • Mr. and Mrs. Mongomery
    "The woods of Great Basin" - Wood ducks
  • Ms. B Webber
    "Sanctuary" - Willow ptarmigan
  • Mr. L Buehler
    Black ducks
    "A view from the blind" - Hooded mergansers
  • Ms. M Beuhler
    House finch
  • Mr. M Sadowski
    Black-capped chickadee
    "Spring Follies" - Tufted titmouse
  • Ms. S Allshouse
  • Ms. H Elwell
    Wood duck drake
  • Ms. E Lane
    "Summer solstice" - Canada geese
  • Mr. & Mrs. Ries
    "November blues" - Blue jay
    "Sullen Skies" - Snowy egret
  • Ms. N Spencer
    "Boreal Apparitions" - Willow ptarmigan
  • Mr. and Mrs. Schroeder
    "Among the fields of gold" - Western Meadowlark
  • Mr. & Mrs. Bisson
    "Shadows of Denali" - Willow ptarmigan
  • 2011 National Audubon Society Wildlife Conservation Stamps (2011)
    Published by: Mystic stamp company
  • 2010 National Audubon Society Wildlife Conservation Stamps (2010)
     - A Sheetlet of 5 ajoining stamps that are arranged together to show one continuous background, in which each stamp features a different North American bird species.
    (See "Limited Edition Prints" page for purchasing information)
    Published by: Mystic Stamp Company
  • 2009 National Audubon Society Wildlife Conservation Stamps (2009)
    Published by: Mystic Stamp Company
  • The Art of Conservation - An International Exhibit of Nature in Art (2008)
  • Monoosnok Brook Greenway Project (2002)
     - Illustrations of various wildlife species
    Author: Barbara Scorse
  • Horses on Parade (2001)
    More about Horses on Parade
    Designed and painted full scale quarter horse for city display. - 
    Author: Text written by Dixon Schwabl Advertising
    Published by: High Falls brewing company and Dixon Schwabl Advertising
  • NYS Conservationist (1997)
    Featured article and works by the current New York State Duck stamp artist. - 
  • 1997 New York State Duck Stamp and print (1997)
    Commissioned to design and paint. - Hooded Merganser
    Published by: Sport n' Art
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