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Putting both the 'wild' and the 'life' back into animal art
STEVE MORVELL is a highly acclaimed environmental artist, dedicated to raising awareness of the beauty and fragility of wildlife and the habitats in which they co-exist with humans.

His art has been widely featured through Television and radio including an ABC Wildscreen documentary. He has also featured in books including 'Fifty Australian Artists', 'Who's who of Australian Visual Artists', in many magazines and on Australian Postage Stamps. His was the first wildlife art ever to be featured in 'Australian Artist' magazine where he appeared as the cover artist back in 1987.

His deep need to be with animals compels Steve to study his subjects in the field, often spending long hours observing animals in their natural habitat. Steve's artworks capture delightfully intimate encounters with shy and elusive species. His recognition of the spirit of the bush and its creatures leaves a lasting impression on the viewer.

Working in a wide variety of mediums, Steve believes that to do justice to the subject and to produce truly great art, one must be openminded in approach and method of portrayal. He carefully selects the most appropriate and dynamic medium for each idea. Steve's unique works encompass pastel and charcoal paintings, pencil drawing, brushed carbon ink, pen, watercolour, acrylic and even enamels and bronze on large scale outdoor works. In the field of wildlife art he has a reputation as an innovator and his works are aimed squarely at one thing........ giving the viewer a real sense of 'being there'!

Support for Conservation:
Steve Morvell has always had a deep commitment to conservation and raising awareness of environmental issues.......The Australian Koala Foundation, Greenpeace, the Wilderness Society, Animal Welfare, RSPCA, Trust for Nature, Painted Dog Inc and Conservation Volunteers Australia have all derived great PR as well as considerable funds from the sale and exhibition of his artworks.
Special Achievements:
  • 2006 - Shanghai Art Fair invitation
    Steve has been invited to take part in the Shanghai Art Fair in November 2006. The gigantic show is a fantastic global interface where East meets West and is one of the largest events of its kind in the world. It represents for Steve a wonderful opportunity to place his art before a huge audience with a powerful art tradition and appreciation of nature and its importance in our lives.
  • 2006 - Monthly Conservation Artist of the Year Award
    Steve was recently recognised as monthly winner of 'Conservation Artist of the Year Award' by the World Nature Artists Group which invited him to be a signature member of its strictly limited membership group. The award recognises not only the excellence of his art but also the contribution it has made to conservation over his 25 year professional career. His art is now eligible for the prestigious Conservation Artist of the Year Award to be judged in Canada.


  • There have been many great achievements for Steve's art but notable among these are more than 20 National Awards including three times winner of the Wildlife Art Society of Australasia's highest honour of Best Exhibit and Gold Medal at their annual showing.
    He has been chosen to represent Australia internationally on several occasions and was honoured to be called upon to create and sculpt a life sized bronze Husky Memorial for the Australian Antarctic Division on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Australia's Antarctic exploraton.

    But most notable among his achievements Steve counts the raising of awareness among the general public that art is a powerful tool when used for conservation and understanding of mankind's relationship to the natural world.

  • Steve Morvell artwork can be seen in corporate, government and private collections worldwide. A large collection of his work is housed in the Horsham Regional Gallery in Victoria.

    He exhibits selectively in several feature shows each year and also in a few commercial galleries..... but by far the best place to see a big range of his breathtaking art is at his new Gallery/Studio.

    When not engaged in field trips or teaching classes and workshops he is usually to be found there working his magic at the easel.
     - 'Feather and Brush (300 years of Australian Bird Art)' by Penny Olsen. pub CSIRO

    'Fifty Australian Artists' by John Balmain. pub Artists Ink

    'Who's Who of Australian Visual Artists' pub Thorpe International

    Also illustrated two children's books for world distribution as well as many calendars and cards for various companies, conservation groups and RSPCA.
Organization Membership:
  • 1982 - Wildlife Art Society of Australasia
    The Wildlife Art Society of Australasia Inc. (WASA) was founded in Melbourne in 1974. WASA aims to: foster the study, practice and appreciation of wildlife art in all artistic media; encourage the exchange of ideas and experience in this field; and promote the work of member wildlife artists. The spirit and strength of WASA lies in its recognition of animals and plants as worthy sources of inspiration and themes for serious art. WASA has a special interest in fostering an awareness, understanding and appreciation of Australia's unique indigenous flora and fauna.



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