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Frank WalshFrank Walsh   AFC, USCGA, Frank Walsh
Marine life paintings in acrylic and marine life bronze sculpture.
Ohana Rising - Humpback  Whales by Frank Walsh
  Ohana Rising  (2014)
Subject: Humpback Whales
Dimensions (inches): 36 x 24
Medium: acrylic on canvas
Description: In the Hawaiian culture the word ohana means family. My painting depicts a newborn calf being helped to the surface for its first breath. Humpback whales at birth, measure 10 to 15 feet length and weigh about one ton. The bond between the mother and her calf will last for a about a year then the juvenile whale will go on its own.

It is a common site to see a third whale accompanying the mother and her calf. They are referred to as escorts and in most cases are males. They will accompany the mother and calf, waiting to have an opportunity to mate with her. If other males try to join in with the group it usually results in combat between the escort and challenger with the victor earning the right to assume escort duties.

Original Available For Sale: Yes

Limited Edition Available: No
Conservation Committment: 10% (Artist commits to donating the indicated portion of proceeds to conservation)
This artwork is dedicated to: Center For Whale Studies  


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