Short Toed Snake Eagle - Painting - Nature Art by Valentin Katrandzhiev

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Fine Art, Acrylic Painting and Photography
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The Dry River - Short Toed Snake Eagle by Valentin Katrandzhiev
  The Dry River  (2011)
Subject: Short Toed Snake Eagle
Dimensions (centimeters): 50 x 81
Medium: Acrylic on Paperboard
Description: The name of the area "Suha reka" means "dry river". In the past, there used to be a river flowing along the valley. Currently, water flows only in certain parts of the valley. It is surprising that a hundred years ago the river used to flow all the way through. However, the river has dried up in the middle and lower part of its current because of woodland removal along the banks. The valley has cut into the Sarmatian limestone of the Dobrudza plain and in some places it has taken the form of a gorge with 30-50 meters high vertical cliffs.Birding in Bulgaria and Suha reka in particular is fantastic. Nearly 200 species of birds are registered in the area. Amongst the highlights are Ruddy Shellduck, Long-legged Buzzard, Short-toed Eagle, Lesser Spotted Eagle, Levant Sparrowhawk, Eagle Owl, Roller, European Bee-eater, Lesser-spotted Woodpecker, Grey-headed Woodpecker, Sombre Tit, etc. The area is one of the major paths for migratory soaring birds with over 5000 birds of prey and over 37 000 White Storks. A week in the area in spring time (March-June) can result in about 150 species.
Original Available For Sale: Yes
Price: $2,500.00 US

Limited Edition Available: Yes
Details: This will be placed into limited editions in the near future. If you are interested please email me. Thank you.



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