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This is the 7th Flag Expedition, with sculptor Terry Woodall travelling to Lake Baikal in Russia to observe and record the rare Baikal Seal in its habitat.He hopes to support conservation efforts through fundraising and education both inside and outside Russia.
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Terry WoodallTerry Woodall   AFC Terry Woodall
Interpretive and Abstract Wood Sculpture
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"The Sentinel" - Baikal Seal by Terry Woodall
  "The Sentinel"  (2009)
Subject: Baikal Seal
Dimensions (inches): 7 x 19 x 12
Medium: Bronze
Description: Among a large seal colony at their summer haul-out of Lake Baikal Russia, one senior was an obvious lookout. When the shy seals panic dived from their sunning rocks into the crystalline waters, this overseer held his ground on his preferred boulder and nervously awaited the reurn of his charges.
Original Available For Sale: Yes
Price: $8,500.00 US

Limited Edition Available: Yes
Edition Size: 15


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