BLACK RHINOCEROS ( Diceros bicornis) - Sculpture - Nature Art by Stephen Quinn

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Stephen QuinnStephen C. Quinn   SAA, AFC Stephen Quinn
Wildlife Art, Natural History Dioramas
Reclining Black Rhinoceros - BLACK RHINOCEROS ( Diceros bicornis)  by Stephen Quinn
  Reclining Black Rhinoceros  (2009)
Subject: BLACK RHINOCEROS ( Diceros bicornis)
Dimensions (inches): 7 x 6 x 12
Medium: Bronze
Description: Black Rhinos look prehistoric and, when seen in the wild, transport us back to the Ice Age, when great herds of big mammals dominated the landscape.

The scimitar-like nose horn is based on accurate measurements from a specimen at the American Museum of Natural History that I used as reference for my sculpture. The specimen was collected for scientific study in the early 1900s, long before the years of slaughter to provide rhino horn in male potency potions and Yemeni dagger handles. During those earlier times, rhinos with long, beautiful horns were not uncommon.

I also referred to sketches and photographs of a Black Rhino I encountered in Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania. Surprised by our vehicle the animal charged to protect its calf. It came to a skidding halt mere feet away in a swirling cloud of dust, making it clear we were too close.

Proceeds from the sale of the piece will be donated to support the efforts of Rhino Ark.
Original Available For Sale: Yes

Limited Edition Available: Yes
Details: Proceeds from the sale of the piece will be donated to support the efforts of Rhino Ark in Kenya.
Edition Size: 9
Price: $10,000.00 US
Conservation Committment: 70% (Artist commits to donating the indicated portion of proceeds to conservation)
This artwork is dedicated to: Rhino Ark  


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