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Robert BatemanRobert McLellan Bateman   O.C., O.B.C., R.C.A., D.F.A., D. Litt., D. Sc., LL.D., B.A., SAA, AFC Robert Bateman
Wildlife Paintings and Conservation
Poaching Ivory - elephant by Robert Bateman
  Poaching Ivory  (2014)
Subject: elephant
Dimensions (inches): 36 x 36
Medium: oil on canvas
Description: An elephant is killed every 15 minutes.  A rhino is killed every 10 hours. Illegal wildlife trade is worth $70 billion per year worldwide. This amounts to genocide of some of the world's most iconic species. Most of the killing is for unnecessary luxury items or misguided pharmaceutical purposes. The money driving it comes from the super rich in Asia.

We have a killer combination of status-seeking wealthy people, high powered modern weapons and easy communications and trade routes.

We actually saw this dead elephant in Ngoro Ngoro Crater. We had seen him in the morning alive and well. We were the last to leave the crater and there he was, where he had collapsed not far from the road. We radioed the park rangers and waited until they came. In doing so we perhaps thwarted a poaching attempt. The next day, first thing in the morning, the carcass was swarming with scientists and rangers. There was a rumour that some higher park authorities were in league with the poachers. It is such a tragedy that money talks for such superficial reasons.

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