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J. Sharkey ThomasJ. Sharkey Thomas   SAA, AFC J. Sharkey Thomas
Painting, Drawing, Modeling, and Computer Graphics
Animal Painting
It has been said that an artist's work is nothing more nor less than a portrait of himself.

If that is so, I must surely be a cat.
It is the on-the-spot sketches, whether in pencil, charcoal, oil, pastels, conte, or whatever else is at hand, - that often contain a certain essence of truth that refuses to transfer to a finished work rendered later. It's always been something of a mystery, - a certain magic working directly from eye to hand, excluding the brain and any decision making.
Water is really necessary for me. I've moved around a bit, but always managed to have my studio either on the water or within a healthy view of it. From the Hudson River to the Pacific ocean with several lakes and rivers in between, water and its many faces has always figured prominently.
Computer Graphics
Before the computer, exploring the many directions one could take with an image or an idea was a costly and often extravagant prospect. "Real" materials are never available in an endless supply. However, with the right computer program, the slightest whim can be realized, changes made, and simple "saves" along the way, (very important!) can capture infinite possibilities without losing the original concept. Probably the most difficult part is making selections among the array of choices one can produce. An image can be blended, scumbled, sharpened, softened, pulled, stretched, cut, diffused, overlapped, repeated, reflected, burnished, bronzed, enameled, tiled, tooled, etched or carved, spattered or iced, - and every application has within it countless choices and degrees of these alterations, including changes in the sources of light, tone, depth, clarity and dimensionality. For an artist who delights in experimentation, in seeing a work with fresh eyes many times over before it might be considered complete, the possible modifications of an idea are truly endless. The computer offers extensions to the creative forces and the imagination that can be provided by no other medium.
New Work

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