Inca Dove - Painting - Nature Art by Anne Peyton

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Anne PeytonAnne Peyton   AFC, SAA, NOAPS, NSPCA, WAOW, APA, AWA, The Bennington Collective Anne Peyton
Wildlife with an emphasis on birds of prey and waterfowl
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Shades of Gray - Inca Dove by Anne Peyton
  Shades of Gray 
Subject: Inca Dove
Dimensions (inches): 11 x 14
Medium: Acrylic
Description: 'Arizona has experienced drought over the past decade. As the lifegiving rains decrease, both plants and animals struggle to cope with the dry conditions. I see several trees drop their leaves, the bark becomes dry and brittle and everything begins to bleach in the sun and go gray. The sky, normally blue, takes on a steel hue.

'But even in these conditions there is life. The desert birds - doves, vireos, warblers - many of which are also gray, are still foraging for seeds and insects, all of which contain nutrition and moisture. As an artist, I'm amazed that life and death and dormancy all share the same pallette.

'Soon, the summer monsoon will arrive, bringing humidity and rain. The desert will experience a renewal and what was once gray will return to green for a few short months.'
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