House Sparrow & Draft Horse - Painting - Nature Art by Michael Dumas

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Michael DumasMichael Dumas   SAA, AFC, SWAN, LFIBA Michael Dumas
Realistic interpretation of nature.
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Trust - House Sparrow & Draft Horse by Michael Dumas
  Trust  (2010)
Subject: House Sparrow & Draft Horse
Dimensions (inches): 16 x 10
Medium: Oil on Prepared Panel
Description: I watched as tiny house sparrows made there way amongst the teams of enormous draft horses, foraging on the ground, sometimes alighting on the huge beasts themselves, and all the while exhibiting what I could only describe as unlimited trust and confidence. The immense disparity in sizes between these creatures, and that altogether wonderful posture of a particular horse resting one huge and ponderous leg upon the other, impressed me through and through. In the painting of this piece, there was a need to show the size differences, the relationships between the creatures occupying the space, the weight of the horse,....even the sense of weight of it beyond the upper confines of what is shown. There is the obvious connection between the purposely designed posture of the male sparrow and his direction of awareness towards the heavy mass of that suspended hoof. Less obvious, but crucial to the concept, is the nonchalant attitude of the little female who goes about her business of foraging for seeds with no concern whatsoever as to the giant at whose feet she dines. To bring all of these things together I hand-crafted a panel designed to present them in as optimal fashion as I could devise, including a shallow curved top that I hoped would carry the impression of weight and mass of the horse beyond the confines of the picture area.
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