Great Blue Heron - Painting - Nature Art by Michael Dumas

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Michael DumasMichael Dumas   SAA, AFC, SWAN, LFIBA Michael Dumas
Realistic interpretation of nature.
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Equipoise - Great Blue Heron by Michael Dumas
  Equipoise  (2007)
Subject: Great Blue Heron
Dimensions (inches): 11.5 x 17.5
Medium: Oil on Prepared Panel
Description: Using a 'study' format for a final painting allows the exporation of various themes that would otherwise be impractical in a fully resolved natura background. The freedom to place objects, even overlap them, and reduce some to portions of the whole item, all contribute to a freedom to explore. In 'Equipoise' it was the two attributes of the great blue heron that I see as quite opposite, yet clearly harmonious within the living bird.....and that is, angularity set against, or counterpoint to, cursive lines. It is these two attributes, so definitive of these birds, that I have purposely explored and juxtaposed in order to really see what would emerge from the long-held impression of these things that I have had for as long as I remember. If anything, the completion of this painting did much to not only enhance my already strong impressions along these lines, but kindled a heightened awareness that has quite substantially altered my understanding of the subject in real life.
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