Serval, Canada Lynx, Margay - Painting - Nature Art by Michael Dumas

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Michael DumasMichael Dumas   SAA, AFC, SWAN, LFIBA Michael Dumas
Realistic interpretation of nature.
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Genetic Drift - Serval, Canada Lynx, Margay by Michael Dumas
  Genetic Drift  (2007)
Subject: Serval, Canada Lynx, Margay
Dimensions (inches): 18.5 x 14.5
Medium: Oil
Description: As the title implies, this painting explores the resulting changes that occur when life-forms are isolated in such a way that they drift apart, first as variations within a species, then as noticeable sub-species, and eventually as separate species. In this case, it is three small members of the wild cat family that have been chosen for comparison. In reference to the effects on species development due to separation such as continental drift, each of the animals portrayed is found on a different continent....the serval, from Africa, the North American version of the lynx, and the Central and South American Margay.
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