Warrior horseback - Sculpture - Nature Art by Chris Navarro

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Monumental Bronze Sculpture
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CRAZY HORSE RIDES THE BRAVE LINE  - Warrior horseback  by Chris Navarro
Subject: Warrior horseback
Dimensions (inches): 27 x 28 x 7
Medium: Bronze
Description: 'CRAZY HORSE RIDES THE BRAVE LINE'' by Chris Navarro bronze H-27'' L 28'' W -7''
Crazy Horse the great Sioux warrior was known to show his courage by riding the brave line. During battle he would ride his horse at a fast gallop in front of the enemy's lines to encourage his fellow warriors and to draw the fire of his enemies. This would make his enemies empty their guns and bows. Once they stopped to reload their weapons, his warriors would attack.
Crazy Horse when he was a young man went on a vision quest. In his vision, a warrior on a horse rode out of a lake and the horse seemed to float and dance throughout the vision. The horse and rider kept moving toward him. They seemed to be surrounded by a shadowy enemy. Arrows and bullets were streaking toward the long-haired rider but fell away without touching him. He wore simple clothing, no face paint, his hair down with feathers in it, and a small brown stone behind his ear. Bullets and arrows flew around him as he charged forward, but neither he nor his horse were hit. A thunderstorm came over the warrior, and his people grabbed hold of his arms trying to hold him back. The warrior broke their hold and then lightning struck him, leaving a lightning symbol on his cheek, and white marks like hailstones appeared on his body. The warrior told him that as long he dressed modestly, his tribesmen did not touch him, and he did not take any scalps or war trophies, then he would not be harmed in battle. As the vision ended, he heard a red-tailed hawk shrieking off in the distance. The lightning bolt on his cheek and the hailstones on his body were to become his medicine and war paint. When Crazy Horse followed his vision, he would be unharmed in battle.
In the base of my sculpture I wanted to tell the story of Crazy Horse's and his vision. I have made the overall abstract composition of the base as an inverted triangle. This design represents the heart, strength, mind, body & spirit of man. Inside the base I have sculpted in relief native American pictographs that symbolize the elements and power of his vision.

Original Available For Sale: No

Limited Edition Available: Yes
Details: This is an older website and not updated all prices are now on my new AFC website or you can go to chrisnavarro.com thank you Chris Navarro
Edition Size: 50



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