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Jeffrey WhitingJeffrey G. Whiting   BSc, SAA, AFC Jeffrey Whiting
Nature sculptures, paintings and pencil drawings
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The Birder's Field Notebook -  by Jeffrey Whiting
  The Birder's Field Notebook  (1999)
Dimensions (inches): 5 x 7.5
Description: As any experienced birder can tell you, the key to identifying birds is to rapidly capture basic information before the bird flies away. The first 30 pages of this field notebook reproduce the key identification information, terminology and illustrations you need to capture and accurately describe the primary features of a bird. These include all the bill, foot, wing and tail types plus general body topography. Only after recording colorations and as many of these categories as possible should you reach for your field guide to determine an exact visual match. The secret is to record as much information as possible during what may be a brief sighting. The 285 recording pages of the notebook are organized to let you make these notes or sketches quickly as well as record the date and location for future reference or for transfer later to your life list records. A convenient 5' x 7-1/2', the hard cover gives a firm writing/sketching base, and the sewn binding ensures it stays together under field conditions. It can be used as a general birding notebook or as the field companion to The Birder's Life List & Master Reference by the same author. 328 pages in total. Available from Lee Valley Tools

Smythe sewn hard cover, 5x7.5 inches, 328 pages;Lee Valley Tools Ltd., 2/21/1999

Original Available For Sale: No

Limited Edition Available: No


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