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Jeffrey WhitingJeffrey G. Whiting   BSc, SAA, AFC Jeffrey Whiting
Nature sculptures, paintings and pencil drawings
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Wildfowl Sculptures
Jeff's award-winning wildfowl sculptures have been featured in many publications. Most are mixed-media creations finished with either an acrylic/gouache or oil paint and supported by a base of wood, stone or metal.
Pencil Drawings
These pencil drawings are as accurate as they are beautiful. Most are available as limited edition prints. Currently featured: a series of Jeff's owl prints.
Dinosaurs/Prehistoric Animals
One of Jeff's passions is for prehistoric life. A trained biologist and geologist, Jeff specialized in paleontology. He has reconstructed several prehistoric beasts, including a life-sized rendition of the fleet-footed Syntarsus. Other species Jeff has recreated include Styracosaurus, Daspletosaurus, and Meganeura, the gigantic 320 million-year-old dragonfly.
Books and Instructional Aides
Jeffrey wrote, illustrated and published his first book—an award-winning instructional resource on the anatomy of the Common Loon for 2D and 3D artists—while at university. Since then, he has published updated versions of that first book and completed three others.
You may purchase his products directly from this site. Go to the description of each product you are interested in.

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