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Lucie BilodeauLucie Bilodeau
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Oil on canvasLucie Bilodeau
Only the Body Withers - Spiritual by Lucie Bilodeau
  Only the Body Withers  (1992)
Subject: Spiritual
Dimensions (inches): 42 x 60
Medium: Oil on canvas
Description: This work is dedicated to the beauty of the spirit in each of us. The inspiration for this work is the artist's grandmother. During a visit, her grandmother mentioned to Lucie that although she felt very young inside, outwardly she was frustrated by a body that could not do the things she wanted it to do.

It was at that precise moment that Lucie perceived her grandmother; the frailty of the body accompanied by the agelessness of the spirit. Lucie also felt strongly that this reality was not limited to her grandmother. Her grandmother had only voiced thoughts and feelings that in Lucie's mind were shared by many.

With her grandmother and cousin posing Lucie started the painting.

Initially sketched as a study on paper, Lucie then committed it to canvas. The original oil was completed in December 1992.

To purchase a print, on paper or canvas, of this painting, please visit this website: www.lucie-bilodeau.artistwebsites.com.
Original Available For Sale: No

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