Black Ant - Painting - Nature Art by Linda Rossin

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End of the Line (Sold) - Black Ant by Linda Rossin
  End of the Line (Sold) 
Subject: Black Ant
Dimensions (inches): 1.75 x 3.5
Medium: Acrylic on Strathmore Illustration Board 500 Series
Description: The penny on this artwork only serves as a reference for scale.

Ants are such fun to watch and tease. I had a black ant who stayed on my bisque colored kitchen faucet for nearly a week. I couldn't resist photographing her, but to get a good clean shot I had to use a flashlight. She obviously loved the camera and actually posed for me!

After looking at this collection of photos, I noticed the wonderful long shadows cast by her tiny body. Of course, I couldn't resist creating a little life size painting of her. It was a very simple piece of this black ant against a plain white background, but the shadow I put in was long and delicately painted in pastel colors of blue and lavender. This painting wasn't on my website for more than a day when it sold! This got me to thinking about maybe doing a series based on ants, cast shadows and idioms. Everybody needs a bit of humor in their lives, and artists aren't any different. Watch for more of these fun little pieces in the future, who knows what combination I'll come up with next!

Original Available For Sale: No

Limited Edition Available: No


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