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Join David Rankin in May as he sends field reports directly from the headwaters of the Ganges river in the foothills of the Himalayas.
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David RankinDavid James Rankin   SAA, AFC David Rankin
Transparent & Plein Air Watercolors - Landscapes,Birds, Tigers, India,
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Below $500
All paintings in this section are $500 or Less. (S&H Extra )
$500-$700 Watercolors
All paintings in this section are $500-$700 ( S&H extra )
$700-900 Watercolors
All of the watercolors in this section are $700-$900 ( Shipping & Handling is additional )
$1000-$3500 Watercolors
$3-10,000 Watercolors
David Rankin Fine Art Wildlife Posters / $30-$45
These are high quality Fine Art Poster Graphics printed on excellent heavyweight paper stocks using in some cases as many as 9 colors, foil hot stamps, and mat varnishes.

VERY LOW Quantities Left: All of these posters are in extremely low quantities, in most cases only a couple dozen left. They are from the artist's own personal remaining stock. The original stock of these posters has been distributed through the various organizations all over the world long ago. And no more reproductions of these posters are planned.

SPECIAL ARTIST REMARQUE: When the artist's stock gets below 30 they are on the verge of selling out. So the last posters are signed by the artist with an additional pencil sketch remarque as a way of commemorating the final stage of these poster editions.
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