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Linda BesseLinda Besse   AFC, SAA Linda Besse
Original Oil Wildlife Paintings
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Birds continue to fascinate Linda. Whether in Kenya with Greater Flamingos, or Iceland, New Zealand, Honduras, or Antarctica, she will explore the highlands and lowlands looking for that special species for her paintings. Of course, Linda also enjoys watching the numerous species in her backyard including pileated woodpeckers, wild turkeys, grouse, quail, western tanagers, and mountain bluebirds.

To see Birds depicted in Linda's original oil paintings click at right, or for a complete inventory go to
A number of giclee prints of birds are also available.

For the very latest of her work, check out her art blog at
North American Animals
While it is exciting to travel to exotic lands, North America has a wealth of magnificent creatures! Linda has seen just about all of the large land animals in the wild - which adds to the immediacy of her oil paintings. In 2012, she completed a 459 mile 6-man canoe trip from the headwaters of the Noatak River in Gates of the Arctic National Park to the ocean. This was a chance to get close to musk ox, caribou, and grizzlies.

See more of her work at
For Linda's very latest work, check out her art blog at
African Animals
Welcome to Africa! Linda has canoed 70 km along the Zambezi River in Zimbabwe, sneaked up on Cape Buffalo and lions, and watched cheetah with a fresh kill. Close calls with hippos and elephants give her a deep and abiding appreciation of the Dark Continent.

More work is also available at
For Linda's very latest work, check out her art blog at
Asian Animals
When one thinks of Asia, the big cats come to mind. The magnificent snow leopard and the Bengal and Siberian tigers. Go ahead, take a peak!
Hunting Dogs
The interaction between man and dog is almost as old as man walking upright. Here are some examples of Linda's hunting dog art. If you are considering an oil painting of your dog, this is the place. To see more of her art, go to
Linda's hunting dog paintings are the featured art on the award winning TV show Wingshooting USA found on seven networks including NBC Sports.
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