Arctic Grayling - Painting - Nature Art by John Megahan

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Wildlife of North America
Arctic Grayling - Arctic Grayling by John Megahan
  Arctic Grayling  (2018)
Subject: Arctic Grayling
Dimensions (inches): 58 x 38 x 1
Medium: Acrylic
Description: The Arctic Grayling used to be a popular sport fish in Michigan but by the early 1900s rumors of declining populations appeared in fishing magazines. Then in 1936 on the Otto River in the Upper Peninsula the last Michigan arctic grayling was caught. Despite several attempts at reintroducing the species, no arctic grayling have been seen in Michigan waters since. It is not an endangered species, nor is it considered threatened, but it is missing from Michigan. Why? Several attempts have been made to bring it back. In the 1980s biologists stocked 13 inland lakes and seven rivers with 145,000 young grayling. They all died out from hooking wounds, infection, competition with other non-native species and other complications. There may still be a way to bring the arctic grayling back. Montana successfully reintroduced arctic grayling to some waterways in the 1990s. Reintroducing it to Michigan will require reestablishing suitable habitat and a dedication to understanding and preserving the complex ecosystem required by Arctic Grayling.

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