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Colin StarkevichColin Starkevich   BSc, AFC, IGOR Colin Starkevich
Oil and Acrylic painting
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The Grassland Series
This is an ongoing series that Colin is continuously adding too which depicts wildlife and landscapes of the natural Grasslands region of Canada.
Other Wildlife Art
Here you will find wildlife artwork created by Colin that is not part of The Grassland Series. Even though Colin is most passionate about the Grasslands, he also appreciates the beauty of other natural places and the creatures within them elsewhere in the world which he also really enjoys to paint.
Plein Air paintings
I usually don't go for realism when I am painting a plein air. I feel it is practice to strengthen my eye at seeing things and trying to capture the essence of subjects and landscapes. I do enjoy experimenting a lot with my paints when I am painting in the field and seem to develop new techniques along the way. Painting in Plein air form really gives me a sense of the surroundings I am at when painting. Then when I return home to work on studio pieces I feel that I can really paint a sense of time and place.
Erratic Drawings
Erratic drawings are created en plein air in mixed media on canvas. They depict the Glacial Erratics (rocks) that have been scattered across the Grasslands of North America from the glaciers of the last ice age. These unique art pieces in this very unique style were conceived after many personal trips on the Canadian Grasslands stumbling across these interesting rocks almost everywhere. There is a strange, almost soothing essence about these pieces that I want to capture, and this is the style I feel I can best achieve that.

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