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Sharon K. SchaferSharon K. Schafer   SAA, AFC Sharon K. Schafer
It is my hope that, by looking at these images, the viewer will come away changed; no longer seeing the desert as barren and lifeless but rather as a miracle of life’s inventiveness and tenacity against great odds.

It was once said that the desert is pure bone. It is just that. A land stripped of non-essentials, a land that is not so much harsh but rather unrelentingly real.
I have spent over 60 days in the Antarctic studying, sketching, and photographing the region's unique wildlife.

It is a dream world of sweeping landscapes, raging seas, bitter cold, blasting winds, and despite the seeming adversity, it is a world of abundant life.

In this place of "wondrous cold" that I have found a place of exquisite grace, powerful raw beauty, and unending inspiration.
I enjoy the extempore energy of field sketching as a way to capture the details and the essence of the species before me.

It is a quick way of recording observations and details that provide valuable insight required for an accurate, successful painting.

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