Mute Swan - Painting - Nature Art by Roy Carretta

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Fine Art - Embracing the Spirit of the Earth
Regal Tranquility - Mute Swan by Roy Carretta
  Regal Tranquility 
Subject: Mute Swan
Dimensions (inches): 9 x 14
Medium: graphite pencil
Description: 'This magnificent swan is a reminder of our Creator's kind and gentle spirit that watches over us with great love and compassion.'

Interestingly, the mute swan was introduced to the lakes and ponds of North American parklands from their native Eurasian homeland. These elegant birds will mate for life and the males are known to seek another female's company only when their existing female mate has passed. With a maximum wingspan measuring in the order of 8 feet mute swans are known for their orange bill on top of which is mounted a black 'knob'. In comparison to the female, this black knob is larger on the male.'

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