Northern Male Cardinal - Painting - Nature Art by Roy Carretta

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Fine Art - Embracing the Spirit of the Earth
Crimson Splendor - Northern Male Cardinal by Roy Carretta
  Crimson Splendor 
Subject: Northern Male Cardinal
Dimensions (inches): 11 x 15
Medium: colour pencil
Description: 'This Northern Male Cardinal (Cardinalis cardinalis) sports a magnificent crimson crested head and is primarily known as a song bird. These beautiful birds will develop a different song depending on which territory they reside in. As mated pairs, the male and female will travel together, and the male will fend off any male intruders.

Happy and carefree, this male cardinal has everything provided for him without request, a spring morning vista amid fragrant cherry blossoms while awaiting his true love companion - need he desire anything more?'

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