Hedgehog - Painting - Nature Art by Lorna Hamilton

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Lorna HamiltonLorna Hamilton   BA, AFC Lorna Hamilton
Oils,coloured pencil
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What's the point? - Hedgehog by Lorna Hamilton
  What's the point?  (2013)
Subject: Hedgehog
Dimensions (inches): 6 x 5
Medium: Gouache
Description: Did you know?

The name Hedgehog' came about due to the animal's habit of digging through hedges and undergrowth and the peculiar grunting sound it makes like that of a pig.
A hedgehog has approximately 5000 spines on its back. If attacked they will curl up into a prickly ball deterring most predators.
The male hedgehog is called a boar and the females are known as sows. Their offspring are known as hoglets.
Hedgehogs can swim, climb trees and can run with a speed of 4.5 mph
The hedgehog's heart beats at 190 per minute but comes down to 20 per minute during hibernation.
Hedgehogs are solitary animals and only unite at breeding time.
The collective name for a group of hedgehogs is an ‘Array.'

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