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Lorna HamiltonLorna Hamilton   BA, AFC Lorna Hamilton
Oils,coloured pencil
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The Three Amigos - Starlings by Lorna Hamilton
  The Three Amigos  (2012)
Subject: Starlings
Dimensions (centimeters): 33 x 45
Medium: coloured pencil
Description: The Three Amigos
Coloured pencil
33cm x 45cm

I am fortunate to have a bird table within view of my easel and throughout the day it is visited by various kinds of small birds. However, on occasions I hear the whistles, squeaks and clicks alerting me to the fact that the Starlings have arrived. On bright sun drenched mornings their feathers shimmer in shades of pink, green and purple. Captivated by their magnificent beauty and exuberant character, I felt compelled to paint them.

Unfortunately Starling numbers have fallen by 70% over the past 30 years. The cause is not fully known but it may be due to lack of earthworms or leatherjackets (larva of a Crane Fly better known as the Daddy Long Legs). The lack of availability may be attributed to the drier summers or from increased use of chemicals on farmland.

Starling: Species of high conservation concern
Interesting fact: Starlings gather in large groups performing amazing aerial spectacles before descending into roosting sites such as trees, reed beds or buildings. This display known as ‘murmuration' can contain as many as one million birds in one group.
Fun fact: In 1945 a flock of Starlings landed on the minute hand of Ben Big and put the time back by 5 minutes!

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