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Lorna HamiltonLorna Hamilton   BA, AFC Lorna Hamilton
Oils,coloured pencil
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Imminent Departure - Ospreys by Lorna Hamilton
  Imminent Departure  (2010)
Subject: Ospreys
Dimensions (inches): 30 x 36
Medium: Oil on linen
In the summer of 2009 I travelled to the beautiful Cairngorms Mountains. It was here I encountered this family of Osprey. It is an awesome site to see the nest silhouetted against the misty dawn lit sky. The stillness of daybreak was interrupted only by the squawking of the Osprey young as the adult birds approached the nest.

Ospreys usually raise 2-4 chicks on a very large nest. The nest can measure 1.5m wide and reach up to 2m thick. The pair return from migration to the same nest each year and begin a 5 month process to raise another brood. The chicks in this painting are approximately 4 weeks old, they were participating in lots of wing stretching; by 8 weeks they take their first flight then embark on the task of learning how to catch fish by emulating the parents.

Vulnerable (UK) : Species of Special Concern
Estimated Population: 148 pairs in Britain
Summer Migrant from Africa arriving late MarchWingspan: 150cm (average)

Original Available For Sale: Yes
Price: $9,000.00 US

Limited Edition Available: Yes
Edition Size: 20
Price: $200.00 US



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