Pileated woodpecker and autumn leaves - Sculpture - Nature Art by Mary Louise Holt

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Mary Louise HoltMary Louise Holt   BFA, AFC Mary Louise Holt
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The Persistence of Pileateds - Pileated woodpecker and autumn leaves by Mary Louise Holt
  The Persistence of Pileateds  (2014)
Subject: Pileated woodpecker and autumn leaves
Dimensions (inches): 12 x 9 x 2
Medium: oil on canvas
Description: This oil painting was inspired by cast shadows from autumn leaves as they danced across the face of a cut log. Pileated woodpeckers live in the woodland surrounding my studio.
In the late 1900's it was rare to see this woodpecker in North America. Most of the woodlands had been cut down, land was cleared for farms and the lumber was heavily used to build a new nation. Fortunately, thanks to re-foresting, the persistent little pileated has survived and now thrives once again.

Original Available For Sale: Yes
Price: $875.00 US

Limited Edition Available: Yes
Details: 12 x 9" canvas giclee print UVA/UVB protective varnish
Edition Size: 10


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