White Rhinoceros - Painting - Nature Art by Dolfi Stoki

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African Scenes
RP 2011 00448AC - rhinos poached in 2011, 448 and counting - White Rhinoceros by Dolfi Stoki
  RP 2011 00448AC - rhinos poached in 2011, 448 and counting  (2012)
Subject: White Rhinoceros
Dimensions (centimeters): 67 x 118
Medium: oils, mixed media on linen
Description: I have been working on this piece for over 8 months. The rhino poaching situation is very serious at the moment, and I wanted to paint something that would send a powerful message, or maybe even shock people. The South African 10 Rand note has three white rhino's on it, and was the perfect theme for the painting. Money, blood and a poached rhinoceros...
Original Available For Sale: No

Limited Edition Available: Yes


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