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Climate Change Paintings of the Arctic and Antarctica
Psalm 23 - Arctic Mountains and Glaciers by Linda Dawn Lang
  Psalm 23  (2011)
Subject: Arctic Mountains and Glaciers
Dimensions (inches): 24 x 36
Medium: Oil on canvas
Description: In 2009 I was able to hike through Auyuittuq National Park, Baffin Island with some friends. This was a dream of mine since I first painted the view in 2004. Two weeks before the trip, I decided to wear my hiking boots while training on a 10 km hike. Half way through I started to get blisters on my feet. By the time I got home my feet were bleeding. While sitting in the park office with my friends for our 'pre-park orientation' we were told that many people had to be air lifted out for blisters, so make sure you have good hiking boots. If I would have told them that I had blisters, they wouldn't have let me make the journey, so I began my 7 day hike with blistered feet. We each carried a 50 pound backpack of our supplies. Each day I put duct tape on my feet so I could put my boots on. At every river, we had to take our boots off, slide on neoprene booties that would rip my duct tape off, and cross freezing cold, fast moving, rocky, rivers. I fell in twice, but with thanks to my friends always made it across. This park is the most beautiful place I have travelled, but full of real dangers. Several people have lost their lives crossing these rivers. It is a tough journey at times, but, with God's help and the encouragement of my friends, I was able to make it the entire way. I am still pinching myself at the excitement of being able to do this and am planning to return in 2012. In my bible, beside Psalm 23, I have scribbled in trust, adventure, recharge your batteries, and fellowship. The painting was originally going to be called Dreams can move the mountains after a line in one of my favourite songs, but as I was painting it, I was remembering how I had to trust my friends for my safety, the amazing adventure, how being in such a beautiful valley recharges your batteries and the amazing fellowship of traveling with a group of friends. You can see our tents across from Mount Thor, and the dust on Mount Thor is an incredible rock fall that we watched as we camped overnight. This IS my favourite place in the world. It is sad to see how climate change is affecting it. As the glaciers melt, the rivers get higher and faster and traveling through the park becomes even more challenging but will always be one of the most rewarding adventures.
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