Woodcock - Painting - Nature Art by Claude Thivierge

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Woodcock, Stamp FFQ - Woodcock by Claude Thivierge
  Woodcock, Stamp FFQ 
Subject: Woodcock
Dimensions (inches): 13 x 18
Medium: Acrylic
Description: Text by David Lank
When the Woodcock's long, sensitive beak is submerged into the swamp mud, it is easy to see how this beautiful little bird got its nickname, The Bog Sucker. In fact, its previous Latin name, Philohela, literally 'swamp lover' is more appropriate than Scolopax, a name used by Aristotle for the bird 2000 years ago, derived from the Greek for a pointed object, probably a reference to its long beak. Through adaptive evolution, the eyes have moved to the back of the head so that even during feeding – or waiting for the sensitive beak to feel the vibrations of a worm in the mud – a watchful pose can be maintained during the most critical moments.

Original Available For Sale: No

Limited Edition Available: Yes


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