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Elephant Memories: Train through the Night - Poster for Elephants by Maya Ramaswamy
  Elephant Memories: Train through the Night  (2011)
Subject: Poster for Elephants
Dimensions (inches): 0 x 0
Description: A ghastly accident a while ago killed several elephants here in the north-east of my country. This song, is the Cry of the Matriarch, as I hear her..

Squelching lurching Sisters,
Big Mother and Aunt,
Scream in fear and Panic
Nearing an old Haunt;
Textures thick and wrinkled
Warmth touches warmth,
Deep hurting Rumbles
Irradiate the Swamp.

Raw, red and Tumbled
Earth Torn up by Man;
Sitting inside his metal,
Poison, Tooth and Hand.
Man rolls on to Man,
the Scythe cuts through our Glade;
Something Burning Rattling Ugly,
Forever in his Wake.

Water! my Daughters
Water for our Skin,
Green crystal Coolness
Swirling Mad Within.
Ah, Move, I gave the order
Move ahead and Drink;
Move, I screamed my Sisters,
We...Oh, we'll never reach the Brink.

One Glow Glares and Slams Down,
I scream and reach your side;
So Wet;
Ah Daughter!
Blood Red is the Night.

Poem by Maya Ramaswamy
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