Shetland pony against the Northern Lights - Sculpture - Nature Art by Anne Barron

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Wildlife, animal and people portraits
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The Mirrie Dancers - Shetland pony against the Northern Lights by Anne Barron
  The Mirrie Dancers  (2016)
Subject: Shetland pony against the Northern Lights
Dimensions (centimeters): 40 x 60 x 10
Medium: Canvas print from an original acrylic
Description: A dark profile of a Shetland pony looks out over the Tingwall Valley in Shetland, with the Northern Lights making a spectacular sky behind him. The Mirrie Dancers is the Shetland name for the Northern Lights, which can often be seen during the winter months from our back garden.
Original Available For Sale: No

Limited Edition Available: Yes
Details: Canvas print with a narrow profile which can be hung with or without a frame.
Price: $60.00 US
Conservation Committment: 10% (Artist commits to donating the indicated portion of proceeds to conservation)
This artwork is dedicated to: David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation  


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