Barn Owl and Silo - Painting - Nature Art by Sheila Ballantyne

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Inspired by the wonder and beauty of creation.
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Silo Haunt - Barn Owl and Silo by Sheila Ballantyne
  Silo Haunt  (2012)
Subject: Barn Owl and Silo
Dimensions (inches): 40 x 30
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Description: I was inspired to paint this old wooden silo for its dramatic composition and the feeling that it evokes. I positioned the barn owl in order to accentuate the upward momentum of the painting. Creating this piece provided me the opportunity to stress the importance of preserving these grand monuments of our heritage and the conservation of the wildlife that inhabits them.

Barn owls 'haunt' old buildings like barns, silos, church steeples or abandoned houses. The barn owl population is negatively impacted by commercial development. The loss of small farms with pasture and barns for livestock has resulted in fewer places for barn owls to nest and fields in which to hunt.

Original Available For Sale: Yes

Limited Edition Available: No


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