Japanese Wagtail, Motacilla grandis,(Seguro-sekirei Jp.) - Painting - Nature Art by Jon Janosik

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Japanese Wagtail-Kyoto Onigawara - Japanese Wagtail, Motacilla grandis,(Seguro-sekirei Jp.) by Jon Janosik
  Japanese Wagtail-Kyoto Onigawara  (2004)
Subject: Japanese Wagtail, Motacilla grandis,(Seguro-sekirei Jp.)
Dimensions (inches): 14 x 17
Medium: Watercolor on paper
Description: Japanese Black Wagtail standing on Zen Temple Roof tile called Onigawara. I would see this bird every morning at zazen time on this roof in the spring at Rinsenji Temple in Arashiyama,Kyoto. He reminded me of a little zen master in his black and white plumage.
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