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Putting both the 'wild' and the 'life' back into animal art
'Bronze beauty - Common bronzewing pigeon' - bronzewing pigeon on branch by Steve Morvell
  'Bronze beauty - Common bronzewing pigeon'  (2015)
Subject: bronzewing pigeon on branch
Dimensions (centimeters): 52 x 36
Medium: pastel on colourfix paper
Last week I had some fun with bronze wing pigeons here in our back garden. Bronzes have always been one of my favourite birds and living with them around the back door is a real treat for an Australian wildlife artist. This particular male (you can tell he is a male by his tan forehead patch which females lack) is very happy to mosey around the garden pathways picking up any seeds or other munchies the rosellas and finches may have overlooked. He doesn't even mind taking a bath in the fountain which graces the Japanese garden.....the best bit on hot days is I can sit there with him while he even goes to sleep standing up to his tummy in the cool water......doesn't mind me one bit. I reckon I must be just about the most fortunate wildlife artist I know.
This pastel painting shows him perched happily in our golden ash tree near the back door......having fed and bathed to his pigeon heart's content he then settled in to dry his feathers.
Original Available For Sale: Yes
Price: $2,300.00 US

Limited Edition Available: No
Conservation Committment: 5% (Artist commits to donating the indicated portion of proceeds to conservation)
This artwork is dedicated to: Painted Dog Conservation Organisation  


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