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The Granite Stream - Cadillac Mountain by C. Frederick Lawrenson
  The Granite Stream  (2015)
Subject: Cadillac Mountain
Dimensions (inches): 22.5 x 32
Medium: Acrylic on Masonite
Description: When I was a kid I used to lay in the grass and watch cloud formations that would continually morph into shapes that would remind me of other things. As I got older I realized that, on a far less kinetic level, rocks often eroded into unusual forms that would resemble something else, like 'The old man of the mountain' in New Hampshire or the 'hat rock' at Charlie's Bunion in the Smoky Mountains, that appears in my painting 'After the Rain'. This pathway on Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park, Maine, looked like it had been a flowing stream at one time, that was suddenly frozen into granite. And one of the rocks at the bottom of the path resembled a giant petrified Larvae. The subtle pink colors in the granite contrasted nicely with the green plants and trees that were trying to get a root hold in the rocky soil. Pathways like this one are all over Cadillac Mountain, and Holly and I have enjoyed exploring most of them.

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Edition Size: 150


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