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In Search of the Great Wild Kawkins - Childrens' book (Paper Back) by C. Frederick Lawrenson
  In Search of the Great Wild Kawkins  (2012)
Subject: Childrens' book (Paper Back)
Dimensions (inches): 8.5 x 11
Description: Some children have imaginary friends. Blaine, A five-year-old boy, believes in the existence of a very wild and colorful creature. He imagines himself as a great explorer/hunter, who will find this incredible creature in a far away land, capture him and bring him home to the adoration of many people. Our hero discovers that his greatest reward is looking beyond the world as it is, but also learns that some things are better left in the environment they were meant to live in.
Written in rhyme with 22 full color illustrations, this story will stir the faith and imagination in children, while reminding us all of our responsibility in the stewardship of our environment.

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