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Wildlife Paintings in AcrylicElena Ballarini
Elena Ballarini Elena Ballarini
Elena Ballarini

Elena Ballarini

"My paintings reflect my great passion for nature and animals"

Latest Artwork
Jaguar - South American Jaguar by Elena Ballarini (2) Click to view a larger image. Jaguar  (2013)
South American Jaguar
40 x 30
Limited Edition Print from original in acrylic on mdf

Ltd. Edition Available 
Pledge Amt: 5%

Hidden in the shadow - Life-size African Leopard by Elena Ballarini (2) Click to view a larger image. Hidden in the shadow  (2014)
Life-size African Leopard
73 x 110
Acrylic on mdf panel

Original Available
Elena Ballarini
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Elena Ballarini
Elena Ballarini
Elena Ballarini
Elena Ballarini
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